Duju generacinis katilas BioTec 25, 34, 45 kW


bio-tec-300x300The Bio-Tec steel hot water boilers (nominal heat output 25-45kW) are designed for wood fired heating of small to medium sized premises. The wood gasification principle ensures complete burning. Thanks to the big combustion chamber wood pieces of up to 550 mm long can be inserted. The burning period for a single loading is at least 4 hours at full nominal boiler output and this can be extended to the whole day at lower heating demand. The boiler can even stay alight for up to 12 hours. The fitted boiler controls regulate the boiler’s functioning. The boiler is connected directly to the central heating system through a 3-way thermostat valve and a CAS accumulation tank.




  • Hot water boilers for central heating systems is designed for wood log firing (moisture content under 25%).
  • The wood gasification principle enables total burning of the fuel, reducing cleaning of the boiler to minimum (depends on wood quality and usage of the boiler).
  • Their construction, the flue gas solution and their additional burning enables a high efficiency rate and makes operation very economical.
  • Ecologically acceptable because of extremely low concentration of harmful components in the flue gases.
  • The three large doors to the combustion chamber enable particularly simple cleaning and maintaining, as well as loading with substantial logs.
  • Delivery includes the pre-wired control system, boiler regulator and room thermostat with indication of the need of wood replenishment.
  • The boiler regulator controls the firing process through a circulation pump in the first circuit (boiler-accumulation), a circulation pump in the heating circuit (accumulation-radiators) and a sanitary water circulation pump and gives the information back to the control system and room thermostat about the need of log refills.
  • The boilers are designed to be connected to the open or closed central heating systems only through appropriate CAS accumulation tanks.
  • The boilers are tested and certified to the European EN 303-5 standards at the Faculty of Engineering in Zagreb. Manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001/2008.



Kodas Nuotrauka Pavadinimas Kaina EUR be PVM Kaina EUR su PVM
10912 bio-tec-300x300 Duju generacinis katilas BioTec 25kW 2 930,62 3 428,04
16250 Duju generacinis katilas BioTec 34kW 3 026,10 3 661,58
10910 Duju generacinis katilas BioTec 45kW 3 428,04 4 147,93













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