Duju generacinis katilas BioTec-L 25, 34, 45 kW


BIO-TEC-LBioTec-L steel hot water boilers (with nominal heat output of 25 to 45 kW) are designed for wood log fuel firing for the heating of small and middle sized premises. The wood gasification principle enables a complete fuel burning. Logs up to 550 mm long can be inserted into the large combustion chamber. The burning period for a single fill of logs is at least 4 hours at the rated output and can be extended to a whole day if the need for heating is less. The boiler can keep the glow even 12 hours, which means that in

this period it is not necessary to fire up the boiler in order to keep the heating process. Boiler operation is managed with inbuilt boiler control unit using the lambda probe, using the motors for managment primary and secondary air intake and changing the rpm’s of underpressure fan on flue gases outlet from boiler. Boiler is connected to the central heating system through a 3-way thermostat valve (like ESBE LTC) and a CAS accumulation (buffer) tank (like CAS, CAS B, CAS S,CAS BS).



  • Hot water boiler for central heating systems suitable for wood log firing (moisture content less than 25%).
  • The wood gasification principle enables total burning of the fuel. Therefore cleaning is necessary in minumum amount (depend on wood quality and boiler load).
  • The design and construction, including the wood gasification principle of complete burning assures high efficiency and makes the boiler extremely economical.
  • Ecologically acceptable because of extremely low concentration of harmful components in the flue gases.
  • Three big doors on the boiler enables simple cleaning and maintainance, as well as ease of filling with large logs.
  • These boilers are aimed to be connected to open or closed central heating systems only through accumulation (buffer) tank (CAS).
  • Boiler operation is managed with inbuilt boiler control unit using the lambda probe, using the motors for managment primary and secondary air intake and changing the rpm’s of underpressure fan on flue gases outlet from boiler.
  • Delivery includes a pre-wired control system, with touch screen boiler controller which steers the boiler. Sensorts included in basic delivery: 2 buffer tank sensors, 1 outher temp.sensor, 1 main flow sensor, 1 DHW sensor.
  • Additional equipment of the boiler: analog room control unit (CSK), alarm box (CAL), module for 2 heating circuits running with outher temp.sensor (CM2K), GSM and network module, room thermostat.
  • The boiler is tested and certified according to the European standard EN 303-5:2012 and meets class 5. It is manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 14001/2004 standard.


Orientacinės kainos:

Kodas Nuotrauka Pavadinimas Mažmeninė kaina EUR be PVM Mažmeninė kaina EUR su PVM
30341 BIO-TEC-L Duju generacinis katilas BioTec-L 25kW su liambda zondų 4466,00 5403,86
31131 Duju generacinis katilas BioTec-L 34kW su liambda zondų 4789.00 5795,17
31469 Duju generacinis katilas BioTec-L 45kW su liambda zondų 5140,00 6223,76













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