CentroPlus / CentroPlus-B 25; 35; 49kW

CentroPlus  CentroPlus-B 25 35 49 kWThe steel hot water boilers CentroPlus and CentroPlus-B (nominal heat output of 25 and 35 kW) have two separate combustion chambers inside the boiler water, while the CentroPlus-B is additionally equipped with a stainless steel domestic hot water heater submerged inside the boiler`s water. The left combustion chamber is used for solid or oil firing. The right combustion chamber is used for wood pellets or oil firing. The possibility of combined firing and the automatic start-up of the oil or wood pellets burner, in the instant when the solid firing no longer gives sufficient heat, makes this boiler extremely attractive. Another special feature, that makes the CentroPlus-B even more attractive, is the submerged stainless steel domestic hot water heater, which provides a constant temperature level of domestic water without additional investment. The successful application of modern technologies and high quality materials as well as thoroughly tested technical solutions, make these boilers safe, reliable and easy to assemble. The boilers are produced in compliance with European standards EN 304 and EN 303-5.


  • A hot water boiler for central heating systems for firing with solid fuel, solid and
  • oil, solid and wood pellets, oil and wood pellets, with nominal heat outputs of 25, 35 and 49 kW.
  • Ability to interchange the uses of combustion chambers.
  • Only one flue exhaust connection.
  • Ability to connect thermal safety unit into prepared openings.
  • The body of the boiler is delivered separately from the casing with thermal insulation, and the oil burner and pellet set. This enables uncomplicated transport and reduces the risk of damage to a minimum.
  • Outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • The CentroPlus-B boiler has a built-in stainless steel water heater, which does not require a separate circulation pump. This would be necessary if the water heater were separated from the boiler.
  • The boiler is tested and certified according to the European norm EN 303-5 and EN 304 at the Faculty of Engineering in Zagreb. Manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Solid fuel / oil combustion chamber:

  • A carefully sized combustion chamber with triple pass flue gas flow assures boiler operation at high efficiency. This makes the boiler very economical to use.
  • The large door and combustion chamber enable firing with big pieces of wood, as well as easy cleaning and maintenance.

Oil / pellet combustion chamber:

  • A carefully sized combustion chamber with triple pass flue gas flow and turbulators for better heat exchange assure boiler operation at high efficiency. This makes the boilers very economical to use.
  • The large water capacity inside the boiler reduces the number of firings, prolongs its life and saves energy.
  • The boiler door is ready prepared for connection of the pellet/oil burner.



Комбинированные стальные котлы (Твердотопливный+гранульный котел)
EUR with НДС
14489 CentroPlus 25 35 49 kW CentroPlus 25 2 454,76 2 970,26
14490 CentroPlus 35 2 661,12 3 219,96
14491 CentroPlus 50 3 465,00 4 192,65
14492   CentroPlus-B 25 35 49 kW CentroPlus-B 25 2 876,72 3 480,83
14493 CentroPlus-B 35 3 184,72 3 853,51
10230  CentroPlus 25 35 49 kW priedai  EKO-CK/CKB 81,62 98,76
14542 SET to montage 49,28 59,63


Plieninis kombinuotas kieto kuro- granulinis katilas CentroPlus 25 pilnais sukomplektuotas (katilas, automatika, degiklis, sraigtas, bunkeris)


Kodas Nuotrauka Pavadinimas Mažmeninė kaina EUR be PVM Mažmeninė kaina EUR su PVM
14489SET  CENTRO_CENTROPLUSB CentroPlus 25 KOMBI+ 4219,6 5 105,72
14490SET CentroPlus 35 KOMBI+ 4432,12 5 362,87
14491SET CentroPlus 50 KOMBI+ 5408,48 6 544,26











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