Katilas-viryklė BIO-CET B 17; 23; 29 kW


bio-cet-bBIO-CET B steel hot water boilers for solid fuel firing are engineered for domestic heating and for cooking. They are produced in two versions (right and left) with  nominal heat outputs of 18, 24 and 30 kW. The room in which the boiler is located is also heated by the upper heating plate. If the heating requirement is matched to output, the boiler can produce the heating energy for more than a single floor. It can be connected to open and closed central heating systems. The boiler is easily adapted to requirements for space heating by changing the position of the firebox grate. Modern design and dimensions in line with usual furniture standards enable good integration into a kitchen space, as well as into any other room inside the house, that has a direct connection to the chimney. Boilers are manufactured to the EN 12815 standards and in accordance with ISO 9001/2008.



  • Hot water boilers for central heating systems and cooking produced for solid fuel firing.
  • Part of the heat output is transferred to the surrounding area through the upper heating plate.
  • A carefully sized combustion chamber and a number of flue gas passes enable high performance temperature exchange and cooking on the upper plate.
  • The option of changing the position of the firebox grate by an integrated mechanism enables cooking all year round.
  • Standard form includes the heat exchanger and connection to the thermal safety valve which enables the installation to a closed central heating systems.
  • The big door enables firing with big pieces of wood, as well as easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Economically and ecologically highly acceptable.
  • Standard delivery also includes the draught regulator and thermomanometer.
  • The central heating circulation pump is controlled by a built-in thermostat.

Boiler BIO-CET B 23 i 29

Produced in two versions:

-BIO-CET B – D made in right version
-BIO-CET B – L  made in left version

Boilers can be connected to the chimney at the rear, lateral or top right side of the boiler – the right design or the rear, lateral or top left side of the boiler – left design.





Kodas Nuotrauka Pavadinimas Mažmeninė kaina EUR be PVM Mažmeninė kaina EUR su PVM
22770 bio-cet-b Katilas-viryklė BIO-CET 17/B 891,66 1 078,91
21613 Katilas-viryklė BIO-CET 23/B – D 1 068,76 1 293,20
21614 Katilas-viryklė BIO-CET 23/B – L 1 068,76 1 293,20
20787 Katilas-viryklė BIO-CET 29/B – D 1 325,94 1 604,39
20800 Katilas-viryklė BIO-CET 29/B – L 1 325,94 1 604,39














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