Katilas-viryklė su orkaitė BIO-PEK B 17,23,29 kW



BIO-PEK B steel hot water boilers for solid fuel firing are engineered for heating of smaller premises and for cooking and baking. Produced in two versions (with and without a pump) and with nominal heat outputs of 17, 23 and 29 kW. The room in which the boiler is located is also heated by their upper heating plate. There is the option of a boiler with right or left connection to the chimney. If the heating output is sufficient, the boiler can produce the heating energy for more than a single floor. It can be connected to open and to closed central heating systems. Modern design and dimensions in line with normal furniture standards enable integration into a kitchen space, as well as into any other room inside a house, that has a direct connection to a chimney. These boilers are produced to EN 12815 standards and are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001/2008.


  • Hot water boilers for central heating systems, cooking and baking, that are produced for solid fuel firing.
  • Further heating is produced from the upper plate which warms up the room.
  • An appropriately sized combustion chamber and a number of flue gas passes enable high performance temperature exchange and cooking on its upper plate, as well as baking in the oven.
  • The option of changing the position of the firebox grate by an integrated mechanism enables cooking and baking all year round.
  • The wide oven permits the use of standard dishes.
  • Fire-proof glass and a thermometer on the oven door enables checking of food in the oven.
  • Standard delivery includes the heat exchanger and connection to the thermal valve which enables the installation also to closed central heating systems.
  • The big door enables firing with large pieces of solid fuel, as well as easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • The circulation pump of the central heating system is controlled by a factory fitted thermostat.
  • Boilers can be connected to the chimney at the rear, lateral or top right side of the boiler – the right design or the rear, lateral or top left side of the boiler – left design.
  • Standard delivery includes also the draught regulator and thermomanometer.
  • Economical in use and ecologically acceptable.


The boilers are produced in two version:

– BIO-PEK B – D made in right version
– BIO-PEK B – L made in left version


Kodas Nuotrauka Pavadinimas Mažmeninė kaina EUR be PVM Mažmeninė kaina EUR su PVM
21744 BIO-PEK Katilas-viryklė su orkaitė BIO-PEK 17/B – D 880,00 1064,80
21745 Katilas-viryklė su orkaitė BIO-PEK 17/B – L 880,00 1064,80
20790 Katilas-viryklė su orkaitė BIO-PEK 23/B – D 890,00 1076,90
20785 Katilas-viryklė su orkaitė BIO-PEK 23/B – L 890,00 1076,90
20783 Katilas-viryklė su orkaitė BIO-PEK 29/B – D 1 610,84 1 949,12
20784 Katilas-viryklė su orkaitė BIO-PEK 29/B – L 1 610,84 1 949,12
  • Kainos galioja iki biržėlio 1d.