Konteinerinės katilinės




Konteinerinės EKO-CKK  katilinės projektuojamos ir montuojamos sujungiant įrangą, kuri ruošia šildymą, karštą vandenį su senos statybos arba nauju pastatu. Katilinė gali būti sukomplektuota su skysto kuro katilais nuo 18 iki 2500 kW arba katilai skirti biomasės deginimui nuo 14 iki 500 kW. Konteinerinė katilinė gali būti sukomplektuota pilnai pagal užsakovo poreikius. Tam kad sumontuoti tokio tipo katilinę –  reikalingas dūmtraukis, vandens įvadas, elektros įvadas šalia konteinerio. Tokia katilinė labai kompaktiška ir lengvai transportuojama iki montavimo vietos. Ši katilinė atitinka ISO 9001/2008 ir turi pakankamai gerą šilumos izoliaciją.



  • Intended to be connected to central heating systems with domestic hot water processing with an operating temperature of 110/70°C and 90/70°C and an operating pressure of 2.5, 3, 4, or 6 bars.
  • Oil or gas firing boilers with nominal heat output from 18 to 2500 kW or biomass firing boilers with nominal heat output from 14 to 500 kW can provided.
  • The level of automatic control according to need, and the solutions offered can be tailored to satisfy any requirement.
  • The container can be transported by truck, rail or ship.
  • The container is provided with thermal insulation; pipework and equipment is painted in an industrial colour and is thermal insulated.
  • Facility to connect a number of container boiler rooms as modules in a single system.


Installing a full sized permanent boiler room in brand new premises, while for example only a few flats are inhabited, is hardly economically practical because of relatively low utilization. Therefore in the early stages it is preferable to connect a temporary boiler room until the whole building is technically approved and completed. Alternatively, during road construction or other major projects, there is also a need to provide warm offices and other facilities for personnel. A temporary boiler room for such purposes is a perfect solution.